Monday, 17 October 2016

New Trade and Investment Strategy

The Trade and Investment Commissioner for Nilkawt has one of the world's most important economic positions.  When the former commissioner became a the Minister for Health, Defence and Delightful Environments, it became necessary for the Nilkawtians to consider whether or not a new, equally competent Trade and Investment Commissioner should, and even could, be appointed to act on their behalf.

Even whilst fulfilling her new ministerial duties, the former commissioner continued, as efficiently as possible, to continue supporting Nilkawtian trade and investment.  Even so, this because somewhat difficult when working with her ministerial colleagues, particularly the Minister for Natural Limitations and Sustainable Trade and Minister for Brilliance, Prosperity and Pleasant Foreign Relations.

Whilst reviewing every aspect of Nilkawtian life in relation to health, defence and delightful environments, both in the context of financial considerations and interpersonal considerations, as well as economic development and social development,

The former commissioner continues to maintain her long-standing local government duties, ensuring shopping in Elegantshire is a pleasurable experience for anyone able to afford it.  Her duties have been streamlined with the assistance of The Most Reasonable Company of Simplifiers, as well as her highly competent personal staff.

Although business as usual has been maintained as suitably as possible throughout Nilkawt and this embassy, the interim, rostered holders of the trade and investment position have found it difficult to maintain suitable continuity in the role.

There are many investment opportunities in Nilkawt.  To ensure they are all properly nurtured and ever obnoxiously exploited, the Nilkawtian Interpersonal Standards Organisation, through its committees of inquiry, will independently monitor every economic situation.

Two highly experienced members of the aforementioned committees are Lady Daphne Tea-Cosy and Lady Cynthia Biscuit, who are both former officers of polite policing in Nilkawt.  During their policing duties they were officially known as aunties, not ladies.

Lady Daphne is a former Nilkawtian Minister for Courtesy and Moral Philosophy whilst Lady Cynthia is a former Deputy Minister for Courtesy and Moral Philosophy.  Lady Cynthia was, until recently, the Chief of Polite Policing for the whole of Nilkawt.  Lady Daphne has been the Chairpersonage of the International Standards Organisation for many years as well as being, until recently, the Deputy Chief of Polite Policing.

As two highly experienced experts on politeness, Lady Daphne and Lady Cynthia have been developing courses and workshops for anyone wishing to learn from their enlightened cultural leadership.  After considerable consultation with the former trade and investment commissioner, and with all the currently serving and formerly serving Nilkawtian commissioners and ministers and ladies-in-waiting, and the judges of the Hike Kawt Court of the Court, and the very private private secretaries to Her Illustrious Highness, Twaklin I, Ethereal Grand Duchess of Nilkawt, Lady Daphne and Lady Cynthia have tentatively implemented a new trade and investment strategy for Nilkawt.

Upholding the uncommon law of Nilkawt remains the highest priority of the ladies, in accordance with the Constitution.  Their second highest priority is to maintain pleasantly peaceful neighbourhood relations, both domestically and internationally, again in accordance with the Nilkawtian Constitution.

A new, acting, interim Trade and Investment Commissioner has now been appointed to oversee Nilkawt's streamlined new trade and investment strategy, in accordance with traditional transitional arrangements.

There is usually a great deal of legal work necessary whenever any Nilkawtian considers changing names, boundaries and titles.  The new, acting, interim Trade and Investment Commissioner for Nilkawt has already officially been given the new title of Acting Nilkawtian Interim Strategic Interests' Commissioner for Mutually Lucrative Trade and Peaceful Long-Term Investments.

The Nilkawtians, as upholders of enlightened democracy, wish to ensure wealth distribution remains equitably beneficial across their entire society.  They are deeply suspicious of foreign geostrategy and all other aspects of geopolitics and claims to spheres of influence.

The Nilkawtians also wish to ensure that all further industrial development of their society enhances their own quality of life considerably.  They never trust unenlightened nations, or the national of unenlightened nations, to do the right thing without proper supervision.  Even so, in accordance with the open international relations expressed through the mission of this digital embassy, the new Acting Nilkawtian Interim Strategic Interests' Commissioner for Mutually Lucrative Trade and Peaceful Long-Term Investments will continue to promote Nilkawt's excellent economy as an exportable, patented, franchising opportunity.

In accordance with the additional confidence provided through the Financial Services Review and the Immigration Review, the new Acting Nilkawtian Interim Strategic Interests' Commissioner for Mutually Lucrative Trade and Peaceful Long-Term Investments will promote and enhance the international status of the non-Twaklineque aspects of the culture industry of Nilkawt, in association with the Tourism Commissioner.

The name of the new Acting Nilkawtian Interim Strategic Interests' Commissioner for Mutually Lucrative Trade and Peaceful Long-Term Investments is Doctor Wanda Wye.  Doctor Wye is a former Nilkawtian Minister for Energy, Upkeep and Equal Opportunities.  She also has extensive international experience as a theatrical impresario

Doctor Wye has an additionally impressive résumé, demonstrating her vast knowledge of global financial and investment matters.  She understands the essential characteristics of the Enlightened Nations and a sense of belonging.  She is also willing and able to assist with the supply of refreshments and tax forums, as required.