Monday, 31 October 2016

Tax Revenue

Nilkawt has the most enlightened taxation revenue system in the world.  It has the most sublime financial system.  It has the most thorough and systematic systems of review.

The taxation raised by the Nilkawtians is used mainly for scientific purposes.  The scientific systems in Nilkawt are themselves amongst the most systematic in the world.

The entry requirements for Nilkawt are themselves gradually becoming more systematic and scientific.  This will hopefully ensure greater clarity regarding the characteristics deemed to be acceptable of all visitors and potential citizens.  The fees and charges associated with visas are considerable, due to the fact that they are meant to offset tax revenues.

There has been much speculation as to whether the Nilkawtian Treasury will be reformed, modified, adapted, improved or restructured in the months ahead.  As in most societies, the Treasury of Nilkawt is currently a somewhat mysterious and undemocratic institution, much like the Ethereal Bank of Nilkawt.

The Treasury of Nilkawt is meant to balance everything beautifully, including its books.  Whether this involves having a head for figures, or a figurehead, or a head for heights, or the ability to balance a book on the head of an accountant, or an auditor or corporate lawyer, will always depend on the arithmetical evidence.

In any society, demographic matters are more intertwined with financial matters than democratic matters. This is clearly demonstrated through the revenue raising capabilities of the Ethereal Bank of Nilkawt.  All financial transactions in Nilkawt are currently taxed at 2% for internal transactions and 10% for transactions out of Nilkawt into the global financial system.

There are no taxes on money brought into Nilkawt though please note that there are no gambling facilities in Nilkawt, apart from the State Lottery for All the Talents.  Anyone caught gambling unofficially in Nilkawt, or speculating greedily in other ways, is fined in accordance with the debt-to-income ratio of the perpetrator.

Amongst other vital and confidential information, all persons seeking entry to Nilkawt are required to state, on their application form, the following:

a) Median personal income for the past twelve years, taking account of inflation/deflation and converting the amount to Australian dollars, as required.

b) Median household income for the past twenty-five years, with the figure calculated as in (a) above.

c) Current net personal worth including all real estate, art collections, shoe collections, antiques, motor vehicles, yachts, aircraft, investment portfolios, cash, jewels, bullion, royalties and fashion labels.

d) Current net worth of any likely inheritances.

e) Total expenditure by parent(s) and/or guardians/benefactors on your education and upbringing from birth to the age of twenty-five.  Please supply the figure in today's terms, as in (a) and (b) above.

f) Name, business address, home address and date of birth of usual accountant.

Although financial matters are rarely viewed elsewhere in the world in a systematically scientific way, nor are matters relating the citizenship.  This is why there are so many muddles and messes in the world.

The Nilkawtians have long had an enlightened and systematic approach to supplying members of the public with citizenship.  In line with social and psychological realities, the Criteria of Acceptance will most likely become tightened further over the coming months and years.

There are many costs involved with managing populations in fair, efficient and effective ways.  The purpose of the management is to supply citizens with a fair, efficient and effective society capable of upholding their peace, their health and their prosperity.

The populations may be animal or vegetable or bacterial or viral or fungal.  Breaching quarantine regulations is a matter on a par with attempted murder in Nilkawt.  It will therefore not be tolerated even slightly.

With a highly systematic and extraordinarily fair system of permits, licences, fines, fees, charges, levies, duties, rates and invoices, the Government of Nilkawt finds it unnecessary to tax most Nilkawtian citizens heavily.