Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Electoral College

Although the local government of Nilkawt, and the government departments of the national government, often manage to manage themselves without too much difficulty, the Government of Nilkawt is principally managed, at least in theory, by the Nilkawtian Electoral College.

The number of electors in the Nilkawtian Electoral College varies depending upon the number of serving, but not necessarily deserving, cabinet ministers.  Although there has been much debate as to whether any electoral college is consistent with democratic principles, the Nilkawtian Electoral College is mainly a training facility.

Nilkawtian government elections are always considered to be learning processes, as any knowledge of the Office of Electoral Progress will indicate to you.  Nilkawt has a beautiful political system. No ugly politics is permitted in Nilkawt at all.

Whenever there is an important government announcement, it is made by the Head of State.  That important announcement is then transmitted to this embassy to be subsequently transmitted to the world at large.

Whenever there is an important government announcement, members of the Faculty for Official Historians are usually on standby in the palace and on various street corners around Nilkawt.  One or two of them are occasionally found here in the embassy, possibly during a tour of Villa Twaklinilkawt.

The historians in the palace and on the street corners record the reactions of the Nilkawtian public and various visitors.  The historians here are meant to record the reactions of the entire world.  They are likely to be recording reactions in several locations around Villa Twaklinilkawt today and tomorrow.

The Nilkawtian Electoral College most recently did its most important work on 30 September 2016.  The main duty of the Electoral College is to ensure the smooth transition from one cabinet to another.

The current cabinet officially became the new cabinet in March last year.  It is not yet known when the names of the next new cabinet will be announced.  It could be at any time between today and March 2018, though it is likely to be sooner rather than later.  Nilkawtians are averse to unnecessary suspense and speculation.

Until the new cabinet is officially announced, the current cabinet will be continuing its work as usual.  A similar situation occurred with the previous cabinet, much to the distress of the Nilkawtian people.  That may have had some bearing on the Constitutional Crisis of October 2014.