Monday, 21 November 2016


Nilkawt is a extra-low voltage society.  It is also a low gas society, at least as far as pipelines are concerned.  Its main, original biogas plant is rarely needed to run at full capacity, mostly due to the fact that there are now many mini biogas plants in Nilkawt, along with solar panels and Savonius wind turbines.  There are microgrids and battery banks dotted appropriately amongst all the residential, business and industrial areas. 

In rural areas, there are wood gas generators of electricity.  The heat from the generators is also used to extract and reuse the water from the wood, and to reclaim water from other sources, mainly for irrigation purposes.  Similarly, with all the biogas plants.  Waste water is recycled considerably in Nilkawtian non-food industries.

There are many mysteries of electricity, just as there are with gravity.  There are many electric motors used in Nilkawt but no internal combustion engines.