Tuesday, 1 November 2016

International Peace Strategy

Nilkawt has long been known for its international peace strategy, at least in the most enlightened and delightful diplomatic circles.

The current Head of State of Nilkawt has had a long and successful career in the provision of calm and peaceful environments for local and international deliberations on all sorts of important matters.  Whether the persons in attendance at those deliberations consistently and reliably behave calmly and reasonably themselves has often been beyond the influence of Her Illustrious Highness, which is why she has developed a highly effective peaceful strategy to overcome such unpleasantness.

To ensure a peaceful and prosperous Nilkawt can be maintained, a peaceful and prosperous wider world must also be developed.  This starts in Adelaide, the location of this digital global embassy.

The Nilkawtians want their citizens to be able to visit and reside in pleasant areas of the world, not the unpleasant ones.  Nilkawtian citizens do their best to support the advancement and maintenance of a prosperous Adelaide.  They therefore do their best to support the advancement and maintenance of Adelaide's health services.  This is in keeping with the current strategy for the advancement and maintenance of health services, defence services and the protection of pleasant environments in Nilkawt itself.

For many years, only highly irritable persons were responsible for ministerial duties in relation to Nilkawt's defence.  This was in keeping with the defence strategies of many unenlightened nations, hence it was subject to review soon after the new, highly enlightened Head of State took up her position.

Former Nilkawtian defence ministers often bought up agricultural properties for their own benefit.  They subsequently sold the properties, for a highly reduced sum, to the Nilkawtian government as a way to avoid bankruptcy.  The same applied to other government ministers with real estate interests they could not afford to maintain.

Gradually, the Government of Nilkawt consolidated its global landholdings in one location, thereby simplifying the management of the property portfolio.  All land purchased by the Government of Nilkawt then passed to the symbolic ownership of the Head of State's crown or sun hat, depending upon the time of year.

The Nilkawtians have, for more than a year now, been seeking to expand their landholdings into Australia, for highly enlightened, trade and investment purposes.  This is in keeping with the Nilkawtian International Peace Strategy.

Security in and for Nilkawt is always associated with peace and pleasantness, and usually prosperity, too.  The immigration policies of Nilkawt are therefore intertwined with the investment policies.  Much effort has been made, by the Head of State, for the peace and justice policies to be incorporated into the immigration and investment policies, though there are apparently legal obstacles to that occurring.

At a diplomatic level, Nilkawt has an open international relations policy.  Whether an open domestic relations policy is also required has been of considerable debate in Nilkawt for several years now.  The citizen-advocates have been doing their best to achieve an open and honest outcome on the matter.