Wednesday, 16 November 2016

More Constitutional Conundrums

The transition of Nilkawtian society from a mainly medieval yet purportedly democratic one to a mainly modern and properly democratic one is apparently still continuing.  The previous head of state appointed all the current chief officers of the Counties at the beginning of June 2012.  Those persons are meant to stay in their predominantly ceremonial local government positions until the end of May 2019.

Under the former head of state, there was a compulsory obligation on the appointee to take up the position.  The Jubilee Ethereal Diamond Honours List originally required the appointee to take up their duties for 700 years instead of seven.

The current head of state recently mentioned that she had once held ambitions to become the Countess of Elegantshire instead of the Countess of Dada, yet the county of Dada has the nicer crown and the more majestic, rose-embroidered ceremonial gown.  It also has the magnificent official private residence of the Dadadian chief officer, namely Castle Zinziere.

The splendidly superior sovereign rose gold crown of Dada, with its perfect sixty pink diamonds, elevates the prestige of Dadadian dignity above that of Elegantshire and every other Nilkawtian county except the County of State.  There is no chief officer of the County of State other than the head of state.

In geographical terms the Ethereal Grand Duchy is slightly larger than metropolitan Adelaide though its population, on recent estimates, appears to be about half that of the aforementioned metropolis. Each Nilkawtian county is an artistic territory in its own right and often considered to be of significant global importance.

When the Countess of Dada became the Ethereal Grand Duchess of Nilkawt, she maintained her former castle and title and crown and gown and ceremonial duties.  Here illustrious highness acceded the throne on Wednesday, 23 April 2014.

Shortly afterwards, this digital embassy began its services to Nilkawtians and the world.  However, there are no indications in the Nilkawtian Constitution about the legitimacy of digital diplomacy.  Whether anything announced through this embassy is legitimate is therefore a matter of much speculation at present.

Additionally, the neighbouring Principality of Little Outbush, which is much smaller than Nilkawt but grander in ethereal status, has been in considerable political, social and financial turmoil recently.  His Royal Highness, the very young, acne-faced Prince Brett-Zitt VIII, has separated from his wife, the former glamour model-celebutante-reality television participant, Kate the Arrogant.  They had only been married for three days.

Kate is the daughter of Brunhilda of Merkel-Austrasia and Johann Majeur of Hunting-Down.  She is living in the Grand Palace of Little Outbush while Prince Brett-Zitt has abdicated and taken a cruise to New Zealand with his mother, Princess Prudence.

Princess Prudence has long been known by the name she used as a former art student, Prue Raffle-Light.  She has been a highly popular public figure in Little Outbushian society, unlike her late husband.

Unlike Nilkawt, which remains an entirely independent state, Little Outbush has been a member of the authoritarian Enlightenment Union (EU) since the then autocratic ruler of Little Outbush, Prince Parly Men-Tory X-XCVI, the aforementioned late husband of Princess Prudence, signed the Mess Trick Treaty in February 1992.

Princess Kate has now assumed the responsibilities of an enlightened despot, in accordance with the Mess Trick Treaty.  Unfortunately for the Nilkawtians, the arrogant princess has closed all the borders of Little Outbush in order to keep out tabloid journalists and paparazzi photographers.  This means that the Nilkawtians and their visitors can no longer enter and exit Nilkawt through Little Outbushian territory.

The Constitutional of Nilkawt states that the Nilkawtians will do everything in their power to maintain peaceful relations with their neighbours.  They are currently unsure how to proceed next.  None of the other land routes between Nilkawt and the outside world have been in good repair for the past seventy years.

The only relatively accessible way into Nilkawt at present is along a long and narrow track through a network of mainly mysterious caves.

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