Thursday, 10 November 2016


As all Nilkawtians are dual nationals of Nilkawt and Australia, they are required to use two passports when entering and exiting Nilkawtian territory.  As this annex is itself considered to be part of Nilkawtian territory, for diplomatic purposes, all Nilkawtians entering it should have their Nilkawtian passports with them when seeking or offering assistance.

For non-Nilkawtian passport holders, entry requirements for the annex are highly restricted.  The entry requirements for Nilkawt are even more restricted than that.

The annex can often be visited on a virtual public tour of Villa Twaklinilkawt.  Indeed, you are likely to be participating in one of those tours whilst reading this documentation.  All tours are closely monitored by undercover Nilkawtian secret service operatives.

If you are not yet aware of the current entry requirements for Nilkawt, whether you are a Nilkawtian, an Australian or any other nationality, please inform yourself sufficiently about such matters with the urgency that pursuit requires.  As with any government decisions relating to immigration, the entry requirements at the borders are likely to change at very short notice.

For most Nilkawtian citizens, Nilkawtian passports are only valid for six weeks.  Most Nilkawtians do not take longer holidays than that, except in exceptional circumstances.  Additionally, Nilkawtian business travellers are expected to resume business in their normal environments as soon as possible.

Nilkawtians with Special International Tasks (SIT) to perform are usually able to obtain extended their passports for the duration of the SIT, particularly if required to travel long distances on an economy air ticket.

All Nilkawtians are expected to return to Nilkawt before the validity of their passports expires.  This embassy does not supply passports to anyone, under any circumstances.

To enter Nilkawt after the expiry of your Nikawtian passport, please apply for a tourist visa on your Australian passport.  You will also need to include your Nilkawtian passport with the application if you wish to avoid delays and considerable fines at the border.

All returning citizens should attempt do so with the dignity that process requires.