Monday, 7 November 2016

Restricted and Banned Items and Activities

Most guidance on what is banned, restricted or permitted in Nilkawt, and in various parts of Nilkawt, is supplied by the local government authorities.  This is important to understand if you wish to explore the investment opportunities in Nilkawt without experiencing difficulties.

If you are amongst the many returning citizens to Nilkawt, please note that the previously restricted and banned items and activities may have changed in your absence, as may the formerly permitted items and activities now banned or restricted.

The current list of banned items still includes frigates, chicken nuggets, submarines, jelly beans, nuclear missiles, metadata files, authoritarian uniforms, fairy floss, lawns, fighter jets, stock market bets, military helicopters, over-paid doctors, any sort of conscription, unwarranted prescriptions, ill-mannered visitors, firearms, burglar alarms, prisons, slaves, casinos, poker machines, pet food, uncomfortable shoes, computer games, cosmetic surgery, tobacco products, nail varnish, chocolate covered breakfast cereals, land mines, sporting equipment, deep fryers, circuses, lawn mowers, nightclubs, microphones, espresso machines, armoured vehicles, fast food restaurants, polystyrene drinking cups, artillery, pornography, mortars, over-capacity mortuaries, grenades, chewing gum, unhealthy brown liquids, mass-produced greeting cards, bayonets, bassinets and corporate sponsorship of the arts.

All restricted items and activities require permits.  You may apply for those permits at the border, subject to the ability to pay the fees.

For information on banned activities, please refer to the uncommon law.