Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Undercover Operations

The locations of most Nilkawtians in the world are usually top secret.  Many Nilkawtians are involved in undercover operations to protect Nilkawtian sovereignty.  This work is reflected in the entry requirements for anyone wishing to enter Nilkawt.

Many Nilkawtian secret service agents are directly involved in the government of Nilkawt, often bypassing the cabinet.  Like members of the cabinet, they do not receive salaries for their work.

The further industrial development of Nilkawt requires an extensive, consistent and reliable system of capital controls.   The unique monetary policy of Nilkawt adds to the stability of its currently controls.  The Nikawtians also maintain a reasonably fixed exchange rate with the Australian dollar, for reasons of convenience.

Undercover operations take place within Nilkawt as well as in other countries and at border crossings, at airports and in various other internationally difficult situations.  In Nilkawt itself, undercover officers act at all levels of government to ensure all sorts of secretaries can keep all sorts of secrets.

Undercover officers also work within and through the sublime secretariat.  In such situations they are usually big data specialists.

Undercover agents are often involved in the management of tender processes in Nilkawt.  Their job is to prevent corruption occurring in negotiations and contracts.

If undercover officers are involved in global communications, they usually by-pass the Chief Secretary of Global Communications.  They can usually be found, or not, within the Chancery additional official offices.

Officially, there are no secret societies in Nilkawt, even within the Austrooliana Club.

Many citizen-advocates are former Nilkawtian secret service agents.  That is why they are trusted so highly by the public.

All public servants in Nilkawt, and even ordinary citizens, are expected to abide by the regulations of the Interpersonal Standards Organisation.

Several operatives are likely to be working undercover through the outreach services of the Perpetual Wait though no-one is willing to reveal where and why and how.

Whether a former Nilkawtian defence minister was an undercover double agent has long been a matter of gossip in Nilkawt.  The Nilkawtians are meant to maintain open international relations at all times.

Recruiting people to assist the Nilkawtian intelligence services is not usually particularly difficult, especially when people find their usual jobs otherwise quite boring.

Several undercover operations have been carried out from the guest wing of Villa Twaklinilkawt as well as the annex, at least since the restoration of the Money Key.

Please note that all the Ladies-in-Waiting to Her Illustrious Highness are intelligent intelligence gatherers, whatever they happen to be wearing.  Their main duty is to maintain Nilkawtian sovereignty.