Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Enlightened Nations Resolution

The latest Enlightened Nations Resolution is known as Purple 33.  It resolves the problems in the world caused by the United Nations, the World Bank, the Whirled Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the International Money Tree Fund, the World Economic Forum and the Enlightenment Union.

Everyone knows that the United Nations is not united, the World Bank perpetuates poverty, the Whirled Bank pretends to recycle money but only whirls it towards the rich, the International Monetary Fund undermines democracy, the International Money Tree Fund stores money away for no known purpose, the World Economic Forum only supports plutocrats and the Enlightenment Union is not enlightened.

Nilkawt has always supplied leadership in the development of reasonable international law.

Nilkawt has always upheld fair and sensible contractual agreements at the local, national and international levels.

The uncommon law of Nilkawt is itself an expression of enlightenment not only within Nilkawtian society but also in the international sphere.  That is why Nilkawt has Most Enlightened Nation Status within the Enlightened Nations.

The Nilkawtian Office of Statistical Enlightenment helps to enlighten many legislative, administrative and judicial decisions.  With the assistance of The Most Reasonable Company of Simplifiers, the office helps to display the essential data elegantly and relevantly.  This is particularly useful when working with other enlightened nations to reach agreement.

The accounting methods of the Enlightened Nations provide the philanthropic foundation for providing persons from unenlightened nations with seasonal work.  As with all enlightened nations, Nilkawt supports open international relations whenever and wherever appropriate.

Properly preparing for any Enlightened Nations Conference is an important indication of seriousness, competence and conscientiousness amongst the delegates.  Wastefulness and abusiveness must be avoided at all times by representatives of any member nation of the Enlightened Nations. 

A realistic government budget is always important to maintain within the Enlightened Nations, particularly in relation to sovereignty.  Resolution Purple 33 is a matter relating to sovereignty.

The citizen-advocates of Nilkawt do their best to help ensure all representatives of Nilkawt act in the best interests of the Nilkawtian people at all times and in all places.  The citizen-advocates take a particularly keen interest in matters relating to enrolment and ennoblement.

Since Nilkawt developed its new trade and investment strategy, all members of the Enlightened Nations have attempted to follow its lead.  Nilkawt's international peace strategy is also having a considerable influence in and between the other enlightened nations.

Resolution Purple 33 relates to the peaceful overthrow of incompetently ruled nations, empires and principalities.  The resolution requires the implementation of an enlightened constitution and the reasonable rule of law in every area of the world where those essential services are lacking.