Thursday, 8 December 2016


The Twaklinaeum is the official Nilkawtian institute of cultural diplomacy.  It is based in Twaklinton, the capital of Nilkawt though much of its work is conducted in and from Adelaide in Australia.

The culture of Nilkawt especially relates to its agriculture and horticulture, as well as its literature and architecture and culinary achievements.  Nilkawtian cookery books are obviously works of art in themselves.

The director of the Twaklinaeum is currently Ms Kali Pathi-Pathos, a former Nilkawtian attorney-general.  One of the main duties of the director is to ascertain the suitability of an institution for the patronage of the Nilkawtian head of state.  The head of state is, quite obviously, the patron of the Twaklinaeum.

Through the Twaklinaeum, the Nilkawtian Association of South Australia is supported.  The association itself is also under the patronage of the Nilkawtian head of state.

On an international scale, the work of the Twaklinaeum is meant to be supported by the ambassador-at-large for the International Promotion of Nilkawtian Banqueting.  His Excellency Mr Groper Tait O'Sullivan, a former Nilkawtian minister for agriculture, is the current ambassador-at-large.

His Excellency is, however, spending much of his time cruising the world, at his own expense, comparing the banquets and buffets on board with those in Nilkawt.  He has delegated many of his ambassadorial duties to Mr Rollo Polo, a former Nilkawtian minister for arts and sciences.

Mr Polo takes a particular interest in the culinary arts, including the commercial aspects.  That may be why he charges considerable fees to everyone seeking to attend a Nilkawtian banquet, long before they receive the formal invitations to experience one.

The Nilkawtian tourism commissioner is usually in attendance at every Nilkawtian banquet, wherever those banquets take place.  The work of the commissioner, Sir Wolfie A Mozart, is also conducted under the patronage of the head of state, via the Twaklinaeum.

Through the Twaklinaeum, various Nilkawtian arts practitioners are commissioned to explain the Nilkawtian levels of government to the world.  The commissioned arts practitioners are required to do so through various mediums at various banquets in various areas of the international sphere.

The Nilkawtian head of state is also the patron of the Twaklinian School of International and Constitutional Law and Peace, National School of Acting and Effective Action, the Institute of the Twaklinesque, the Foolya Biennale and the Secular Order of the Perpetual Wait.