Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Looking Ahead

Part of the process of assessing prospective visitors to Nilkawt involves an examination of their ability to look ahead.  This is reflected in the visa types and the types of people likely to acquire them.  People with the ability to type are obviously at an advantage.

Anyone appearing to have an inability to judge potential consequences is unlikely to gain access to Nilkawt.

Anyone looking, thinking or behaving suspiciously is likely to be placed at the back of the queue.

Anyone making stupid decisions will not be permitted to join the queue at all.

Looking ahead has long been part of the job of the Nilkawtian Bureau of Meteorology (NBM) though its staff turnover is considerable.  Most of the forecasting is now done by robots, as is most of the cleaning.  The staff have therefore turned over to a new chapter in their lives.

Everyone formerly associated with the former NBM and/or the former Ministry for Pleasant Weather, including Ms Sheila B. Wright, one of the former ministers, and Mrs Wendy Greenhouse, a former part-time cleaner, are currently involved in educational pursuits, both as students and teachers.  They are also involved in research and gardening and cooking and cleaning and the provision of many other activities requiring care, attention, exploration and the healthy expression of creativity.

Looking ahead involves enlightened design.  It requires an improved understanding of history.  It means, therefore, that the history of Nilkawt is currently a growth industry.

Improving understanding of the rule of law is also a growth industry in Nilkawt.  Many aspects of Nilkawtian design are subject to remarkably helpful rules and beautifully useful regulations.  This is to be expected in a society with a long, wide and relatively tidy history.

Planning for the future housing needs of Nilkawtians has been a considerable responsibility of the current Minister for Housing.  Well designed accommodation is experienced by many of the occupants of Nilkawtian dwellings.  There are no home owners or greedy property owners in Nilkawt.  Nor are there any homeless Nilkawtians, except of their own volition.

The Minister for Science, Arts and Enlightenment has also been attempting to determine the future direction of Nilkawtian society and the needs of the people in the years ahead, using an evidence-based approach as well as a design-based one.  This is why the Nilkawtian state has recently purchased several adjoining pieces of land, including the former Principality of Little Outbush.

The Nilkawtians look forward to expanding their influence in the world over the coming months.   Please note, however, that Nilkawt currently has no diplomatic relationship with the Principality of Hutt River, the Vatican, any members of the United Nations or insurgency groups.