Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Remediation and Rehabilitation Procedures

Unlike other societies, Nilkawt gives priority to remediation activities.  The process begins with the prevention of the need for remediation. 

Why other societies do not do likewise is a considerably mystery to the Nilkawtians.  Preventing difficulties for future generations is a constitutional duty in Nilkawt.

Having recently expanded their territory, there is much remediation work for the Nilkawtians now to do.  Groundwater remediation is a priority.  Much of the problem with the water supply in Nilkawt has been a consequence of ignorant and selfish neighbours.

The formerly foreign land recently purchased for Nilkawtian purposes has required highly sensitive diplomatic negotiations over many months.  After a referendum was held in Little Outbush last week, the eligible Little Outbushians voted unanimously to sell the principality to the Nilkawtians.

Many years ago, Little Outbush was no more than a few Australian paddocks with a small hillock in the middle.  The hillock contained an abundant freshwater spring and a highly sensitive and unique natural ecosystem.  All the surrounding land was long considered by the local community to be no more than paddocks or scrub or a mixture of the two.

Prince Parly Men-Tory X-XCVI usurped control of Little Outbush from his elder brother, Harold Farmer, in 1979.  Parly was then known as Bill. 

In 1970, Harold was serving as an Australian army caterer in Vietnam.  He was seriously injured when his convoy came under friendly fire from a platoon of American drug-addicts

To Bill, the battle with nature was more important than the battle with communists.  The only purpose of nature was, in his view, to make good business people like himself very rich.

To people like Bill, environmental remediation has always been an avoidable cost. Profit is the sole criteria of business activities, in their view.  Pollution is not their problem.  Anyone expressing a contrary view is likely to be a communist sympathiser.

Harold's physical and mental injuries soon became apparent after he was evacuated to Australia. His rehabilitation was then the priority for most of the family.  Bill merely regarded his brother as a loser.

All the new land acquired by Nilkawt requires considerable rehabilitation.  Only Little Outbush was inhabited by anyone.  Many people have been happy to leave there since the borders reopened.  Only Nilkawtians are now permitted to enter Little Outbushian territory.

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