Thursday, 23 March 2017


Considerable revenue is raised each year, by the local government authorities of Nilkawt, through the elocution laws, the eloquence laws and the elegance laws.  These laws apply just as much to visitors as they do to locals.

In any part of the world, visitors are reminded to respect local laws and customs.  This can cause considerable inconvenience when obliged to pass through a transit point in which unpleasant social conventions tend to be the norm.

To visit Nilkawt, for example, it is necessary to pass through Australia.  Indeed, it is necessary for visitors to have an Australian passport with which to apply for a visa to enter Nilkawt.

The language expected of all persons within Nilkawt is moderate, modern, modified, dignified, modal and well-modulated English.  Indeed, all utterances in Nilkawt, even if not language-based, are expected to be unobtrusive, with the possible exception of hiccups and privately-expressed coughs.

Testing at the Nilkawtian border can be a considerable added expense to unsuspecting visa holders.  One of the ways in which the border guards assess the validity of travel documents is through a carefully structured interview process.

Additionally, several immigration officials are likely to be disguised as visitors.  They interact with visa holders at the border to ascertain the law-abiding qualities of the persons in question.

Customs officers disguised as visitors similarly interact with visa holders.  Their job is to assess whether those persons are sufficiently aware of all forms of Nilkawtian customs.

Well before you are provided with a visa to enter Nilkawt, it would be wise to ensure you are aware of many sorts of customs, modes, modulation, modalities, modernity and modal forms.  You are also likely to find it useful to interact beforehand with many high quality, magnificently mature models of eloquence and elegance.

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