Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Official Fast-Track Visa Service

Waiting times for most visas to Nilkawt currently vary between thirty-five years and eighty years.  Persons, businesses and institutions with considerable financial means can overcome that seemingly perpetual wait by paying for privileged treatment.

Anyone known to have used unauthorised visa processing services will immediately be placed at the back of the queue.  The Nilkawtians do all they can to prevent scams.

Please note that there is an ongoing review of visa categories.  Any recommended changes are only likely to affect persons applying for a third or subsequent visa.  The only exception applies in relation to fast-tracked first and second visas.

Most Nilkawtian visa administrative processes are now automated.  The same cannot be said of the psychological and financial assessments of applicants.  Those processes are very expensive.  The highly knowledgeable, remarkably talented assessors have undergone considerable training before qualifying for investigative tasks.

Visa applicants are expected to cover all the costs involved in their assessments, even without purchasing the fast-track option.  Please expect to pay upwards of five million Australian dollars for the quickest service.

Visas to Nilkawt - introduction