Thursday, 30 March 2017

Public Transport

Most of the transport in Nilkawt in public transport.  It is efficient and well-maintained and affordable.

There are various forms of pedal powered public transport in Nilkawt as well as solar powered public transport and wind powered public transport.  There are magnificent walking tracks, elegantly wide footpaths and appropriately dignified promenading pavements.  There are separate bicycling paths, tricycling paths and roadways.

Only public medical research assistants are eligible for free public transport.  Everyone else has access to easy payment facilities. 

There are regularly scheduled transportation connections between Nilkawt and Australia but not vice versa.  Transportation to Australia is provided in an ad hoc and immediate manner to anyone deemed unworthy to remain in Nilkawt.  The latter is obviously more expensive to the recipient than the scheduled services.

Each settlement in Nilkawt has its own transportation services, just as it has its own health institutes.

Fares for public transport in Nilkawt are paid through the Twaklincom system.

The electric powered buses, minibuses, trams and trains of Nilkawt are the most splendidly beautiful and reliable in the world.  There are no fossil fueled or bio fueled public transport facilities in any Nilkawtian location.