Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Twaklinford Academy of Compatibility

In many relationships, in families, workplaces and communities, there are usually many incompatibilities.  To remedy the situation, the people of Twaklinford, being highly compassionate, highly compatible, open-minded and co-operative individuals, have recently established the Twaklinford Academy of Compatibility.

For many years, the Nilkawtians have been keen to establish scientific measures of compatibility for all their communities and workplaces.  In much of Nilkawt, the community and the workplaces are inexorably intertwined.

The main difficulties faced in Nilkawt arise when outsiders temporarily enter a community.  No outsiders are permitted to enter a Nilkawtian community permanently unless they are suitably compatible with the existing residents.

To solve such problems, the Twaklinfordians consider it helpful for everyone to visit their community before going anywhere else.  The Twaklinford Academy of Compatibility has therefore been built like a triangular city wall, completely surrounding the village. 

There are two gateways in the southern wall for the entry and exit of visitors.  There are also several secret gateways and passageways within the wall exclusively for the use of Twaklinfordians.

Until recently, Twaklinford was known, somewhat bureaucratically, as village number two.  After many years of protesting in association with neighbouring villages, by the highly creative occupants won the right to change the name of their settlement.  They also won the right to change the names of many of the features of their village.

Harmonious neighbourhood relations are highly valued in Nilkawt.