The Ethereal Grand Duchy of Nilkawt has a suitably democratic and highly enlightened system of governance, like any other properly functioning and therefore peaceful and pleasant sovereign nation state.  Here in the digital embassy, we present a brief overview of Nilkawt, merely to acquaint the world with a few essential realities.

The mission of this embassy

Head of State

In a similar way to any other nation state of global significance, Nilkawt has provided itself with a corporation sole head of state.  For reasons of good manners and good governance, the Nilkawtian head of state is rarely involved with - though she is often concerned about - the daily activities of the people, the parliament, and the cabinet and government of Nilkawt.  She is especially concerned about the cabinet.

It is most fortunate indeed, therefore, that each cabinet position in Nilkawt is itself a corporation sole.  This makes it possible to replace sitting or standing or stuck members on an annual, biennial or even biannual basis, at least if any replacements can be found.

In addition, most of the good governance within Nilkawt is performed at the local level.

If you have any interested at all in democratic governance, and/or you are planning a visit to Nilkawt, please ensure you are familiar with Nilkawtian electoral processes.